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About Dr. Haces LLC

Dr. Haces, LLC grew out of the need of Dr. Haces to help his diabetic brother with his foot ulcers. He created a very simple and advanced adhesive no wound contact dome dressing DermaDomus with iodine. It has a controlled release of iodine gas over the ulcer without touching it. "Dome" - An advanced adhesive contactless dressing with iodine gas for wound healing, ensuring no contact and easy removal. PodoPhylus - An insole with iodine gas, effectively healing foot wounds. We offer free samples for diabetic leg or foot ulcers sufferers. Please note that our products aren't FDA approved yet, but they're based only on iodine which is FDA approved.

  • Helps Diabetic People
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Heals Ulcer and Wounds
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    We are delighted to introduce the PodoPhylus insole, a cutting-edge product designed to release iodine gas – an FDA-approved over-the-counter germicide. This innovative insole effectively sterilizes shoes and eradicates germs causing foot malodor. Simply place the insole inside the shoe overnight using the provided re-sealable bag. The following day, remove the insole from the shoe and resume normal usage. We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're unsatisfied, return the product within 4 days for a full refund. Plus, we are offering free samples for diabetic foot ulcer sufferers and kindly request recipients to share before and after photos.

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    Podophylus Insole
    Iodine, an age-old cicatrizant agent used for wound healing, serves as a safe over-the-counter topical antiseptic, requiring no prescription. Our insole boasts the unique advantage of not needing direct contact with the skin; the released iodine gas effectively sterilizes the area. While using it, exercise caution initially. For additional testimonial photos, please reach out to us at To ensure safe usage, consult a physician if you have iodine allergies, thyroid conditions, or if you are pregnant or lactating. Although our insole lacks FDA approval (while iodine is FDA approved), its efficacy has been proven through successful application on volunteers with non-healing wounds.
    Visit our testimonials page to discover heartwarming stories of how our product has already helped individuals. At Dr. Haces, our mission is to provide transformative solutions that particularly benefit diabetic individuals with foot ulcers. PodoPhylus insole offers a phenomenal means of wound healing and protection. With iodine technology, this insole not only facilitates the healing of ulcers but also effectively kills bacteria and eliminates unpleasant foot odors. For patients, it serves as a crucial safeguard, preventing potential complications and amputations. We are immensely proud of the positive impact our product has, empowering individuals to lead healthier, more comfortable lives.
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    PodoPhylus Insole
  • Good for Foot Malodor
  • Kills Bacteria
  • Heals Ulcers and Wounds
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    Instructions on Insoles

    The PodoPhylus insole offers a highly effective approach for treating large, moist wounds on the plantar surface of the foot. To apply, position the insole close to and over the affected area, ensuring it does not touch the wound. Lightly support it with a loose bandage and gauze wedges or cuttings from the insole itself to prevent direct contact with the wound. Alternatively, it can be placed inside a very loose sock. Treatment duration is 12-24 hours, after which the wound should be sufficiently dry for walking with the insole inside a shoe. For optimal comfort, remove the old shoe insole before fitting the PodoPhylus insole. It is essential not to attach it too tightly to the foot, allowing the foot to breathe freely.


    Notably, ulcers measuring 3 to 5 centimeters in diameter typically show remarkable improvement within a week of use, and complete healing is achievable within 3-4 weeks. Initially, a new insole should be used every 7 days, but after two weeks, each insole can be utilized for an additional two weeks. Experience the incredible healing power of the PodoPhylus insole, empowering you to overcome foot ulcers and improve your quality of life. Our product is designed with your well-being in mind, ensuring optimal results and comfort during the healing process.

    Instructions on Domes

    Introducing our revolutionary self-sterilizing dome, designed to gradually release a gentle stream of iodine gas, ensuring aseptic coverage of the entire wound and facilitating the natural healing process. Please note that this device does not have FDA approval (although iodine itself is FDA approved), but it has delivered remarkable results in volunteers, as evidenced in our Testimonials Leg Ulcer section. Notably, the dome does not make direct contact with the wound, ensuring painless and hassle-free removal. The iodine gas concentration, at a mere 0.0013%, remains well below that of other iodophors available in the market, rendering it non-irritant.


    This contactless dressing of the 21st century not only seals the wound, but it also provides you with the unique opportunity to observe the wound if you pull out a jar of iodine. Witness the remarkable healing process as the dome contributes to an astounding recovery, leaving your wound in better condition than ever before. Embrace the cutting-edge technology of our self-sterilizing dome, experiencing the benefits of an aseptic healing environment. While not FDA approved, the efficacy demonstrated in our testimonials underscores its effectiveness. Our product stands out as an exceptional choice, promoting wound healing and contributing to a more comfortable and efficient recovery process.

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