Carmen (Etsy)

A friend of my tried it before when he was beginning. I used as it comes and the malodor disappeared for ever. I also had a little wound for a long time and it cured it so quickly. So, now that I can buy it I will use it with my son and my grandma.

Bill (Etsy)

My life changed when my diabetic aunt developed a stubborn foot ulcer. Medical treatment failed, and we feared amputation. Then, I found your product by chance. Desperate to help her, we tried it, and the results were incredible! Your device worked wonders, healing her foot ulcer and preventing amputation. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Diabetic non-healing wound in 3 weeks (using insole)

Stuff 1

Diabetic leg ulcer in 3 weeks (using dome)

Stuff 2
Doctor Haces plans to conduct two studies. One in the Dominican Republic and another in Ukraine. Our primary goal is to assist patients in healing their wounds and ulcers. Simultaneously, these studies provide valuable data about the effectiveness of our innovative products, making the first step for the FDA approve. We remain dedicated to advancing wound care and improving the lives of those in need through ongoing research and development.